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Irrepressible. Extraordinary. Indestructible. Her name is Nova, like the muscle car, or a supernova, and she is a cosmic hurricane in Puck’s world. She swears, drinks, lives among the stars, and he can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with her. Is it love? Infatuation? Enamoration? He’s not sure if he’ll ever find out. He is sure, however, that the only thing that can understand one broken heart is another.


“It’s honestly so rare nowadays that you will come across a young adult book that just feels so much like poetry and literature that you can’t help but be drawn into the lull of the beautifully complicated words and the simple story line that is made elaborate by the silky words woven between the paragraphs.”

– Camilla Dass, “Twenty Three Pages” blog


“This book is definitely in my top five of books I’ve ever read (and I’ve read A LOT)… …This book, I’d say, is the next The Fault In Our Stars. I hope the rest of the public can see that and share my views. Great job and I look forward to what else you have written.”

MsLindstead, Wattpad Reader


“I want to thank you for this book. Not many people can capture the feelings of what it’s like growing up, especially in a world as crazy as this one. You have a wonderful way with Words. Thank you.”

Sjd_20, Wattpad reader


“I first came across this novel on Wattpad, and had absolutely adored the book. Frankly, I feel as though this is the best book I have read in ages. As an avid book reader, I likely read more often than I should, so for me to say that this is one of my favorite books really means something.
This novel was beyond the typical Young Adult novel. It has meaning, meaning beyond that of most books I have found. Each character has his or her own faults, backstory, and such different and beautiful traits that the novel spins into something that can simply dissolve the reader, trapping you in a new sense of the world, not only while reading it, but also long after. This story is more than a story, it is life. It mentions the sheer impact of any and every choice you make; it entrances you into pondering the meaning of everything you thought you knew.
The story rotates around three teenagers in high school, each having suffered tragically from what life had dealt them, and the journey to find not only themselves, but also the color within the darkness around them.
This is not a book; it’s life”

– V. Peach, Amazon review



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The Color of Darkness
The Color of Darkness

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